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9-Bulb LED Hollywood Vanity Mirror


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HOLLYWOOD style, smaller frame= PERFECT for your home vanity!

The GloTech 9 Bulb Hollywood Vanity Mirror allows you to bring the glamour home with its 9 luminous LED Hollywood bulb lights. There are easy to use touch sensors for dimming or switching between Cool White, Warm White and Neutral White lighting. The bulb style lights combine the look and feel of old Hollywood glamour with the practicality of LED lights.


• 9 energy saving, long-lasting LED bulbs that are cool to touch
• Dimmable brightness with 3 light settings, cool white, warm white and neutral white
• Easy to use touch sensors to dim brightness, switch between light settings, or power off the mirror
• Adjustable 360-degree rotation for optimum application angles 
• Plugs into standard outlet with included power adapter


• Measures 11.8 W x 2.4 D x 14.2” H